Liquid Level Gauge Model 200

Measure the depth of water in cisterns, sumps, septic systems, holding tanks, pump chambers, trucks, water treatment plants or storage tanks. Alarm a HIGH and LOW level condition. Installation is as simple as dropping the pre-calibrated sensor into the liquid.

Monitor water level in pump chambers, cisterns, holding tanks, sumps, floor drains or truck tanks. The indoor alarm will warn of a threatening level condition.


  • Indoor digital display of water depth
  • Digital RF sensor with +/- 3/8” resolution throughout span
  • Configurable HIGH and LOW alarm points
  • Audible alarm auto reset
  • Self-diagnostic functions
  • Outdoor junction box
  • Sensor length 1.5m (5 feet) standard, .3m (1 foot) to 4.9m (16 feet) available
Power Supply 120VAC, 60 Hz, UL listed and CSA certified, adapting to 12 VDC
Indoor Display 4 digit LED, programmable HIGH and LOW level visual and audio alarms. Audio transducer 85db min @ 10 cm
Sensor Sealed 1 ½” PVC pipe, 3m (9’) SJOOW cable, NEMA 4X weatherproof junction box
Programming Modes